Information on matters concerning foreign nationals and asylum

Contact and support

Preliminary meetings at the Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde) are only possible by prior appointment. This also applies to declarations of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärungen) – official invitations to visit government offices.  Please register for your appointment early by calling +49 (0)5162 970-333.  

Your contact partners in Heidekreis are listed below. The way in which an enquiry or matter is processed depends on the first letter of the surname of the foreign national.

Immigration and asylum matters:
Letter A - Als: Ms. Rockmann
Letter Alt - C: Mr. Bogusch
Letters D - Haw: Ms. Getter
Letters Hax - Ko: Ms. Schimmelpfennig
Letter Kr - Ma:  Ms. Lehmann
Letter Me - Nh: Ms. Jipp
Letter Ni - Ra:  Ms. Niehoff
Letters Re - Sy:  Mr. Ebeling
Letters T- Z:  Ms. Hebenbrock

EU nationals, voluntary departure and declarations of commitment:
Mr. Stahnsdorff and Ms. Graubohm

General rights for foreign nationals
Letter A - H: Ms. Ruc
Letter I - R: N. N.
Letter S - Z: Mr. Lührs