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Language mediators offering assistance with translations

Are you interested in working as a language mediator?

People with good or very good written and spoken language skills are warmly invited to volunteer as language mediators. It is essential to note, however, that in areas where documents and certificates must be translated in order for them to be submitted to a district court, a sworn translator must be appointed. A language mediator may not be tasked with such translations.

The Coordination Centre for Migration and Participation has established the first pool of volunteers in the district of Heidekreis, which bears responsibility for such language mediation services. This pool is to be expanded further in due course.

Does your facility need language mediation? 

Then fill out the "Language Mediation Request" form (PDF) and email it to Ms. Ak at Ms. Ak will get in touch with you. All work is carried out on a voluntary basis, but there is an allowance for expenses. The guideline rate is EUR 24 per hour plus travel costs.