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Education at a glance

Educational institutions in Heidekreis and the school system

Irrespective of a person’s background and social status, every individual should be given the chance to enjoy the best possible education. To ensure a person’s efficient and effective integration as a young migrant in our society, tailor-made educational offers are essential. Every child and every adolescent should be given the chance to enjoy an optimal education; this is the goal being pursued by Heidekreis.

Your child / children are entitled to daycare supervision in a nursery / daycare centre when aged between zero and six years. From the age of six, compulsory education begins for all children, and after year four, children transition to secondary school.

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Information about the school system, mandatory school attendance and registering can be found by visiting the homepage of Lower Saxony’s Minister of Education. This information is available in several languages.

School districts, registration, supplementary offers
Children who are not originally from Germany are enrolled at their local school. A school district system exists in Lower Saxony for junior schools. Children are registered at the school in their district. In principle, registration for primary school takes place via the community or municipal authority, or via the city council. From the fifth year of school onwards, a child is registered by their parent or guardian at a secondary school, such as a “Hauptschule” (general vocational school), an “Oberschule” (secondary school) or a “Gymnasium” (grammar school).

The schools situated in Heidekreis have a whole host of offers available for children from other countries. For example, language training classes have been set up in a select few schools, or there are additional German lessons for children whose German language skills are not yet sufficient. The relevant information can be obtained from the respective school. Please enquire there.

The following lists the different types of school available in Heidekreis, as well as the different educational routes that culminate in a school qualification.

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The secondary schools in Heidekreis can be viewed here.