Naturalisation / citizenship

Foreign nationals who have resided in Germany for a significant period of time and who are integrated both in social and economic terms may acquire German citizenship through a process of naturalisation.
The requirements can vary depending on your personal circumstances. In general, however, an individual should

  • have legally resided in Germany for several years,
  • have a good command of the German language,
  • have no criminal convictions,
  • have renounced their previous citizenship,
  • be able to verify that they have a sufficient income and
  • have declared their acceptance of Germany’s free and democratic

principles of governance.

An application for naturalisation must, in general, be accompanied by the surrendering of a person’s original passport, documentation confirming their civil status, a passport photograph, proof of income and evidence of vocational training etc. in Germany. Further comprehensive information is also available on the Internet presence maintained by the federal government.
As the requirements for naturalisation can vary significantly depending on country of origin, age and a person’s marital status – such as the spouse of a German national – we kindly ask that you consult the relevant naturalisation authority before submitting your application.