Coexisting in Heidekreis

Lettering ... arrive and stayHeidekreis is home to a number of foreign nationals who come from a whole host of different countries, and who are living here for many different reasons.

Reliable frameworks are just as essential a part of your integration into society, working life and our culture, as is a willingness to accept existing offers, and the desire to achieve integration yourself.

One of the first and most critical steps towards achieving integration is to acquire German language skills, given that only those who can speak German are able to navigate their way through daily life, graduate from school and actively participate in the labour market.

Sufficient knowledge of German is also a typical requirement for obtaining either a temporary or permanent residency permit.

Ukraine: Important information on entering and remaining in Germany

Ukraine Karte als FlaggeUkrainian citizens can legally enter the EU and thus also Germany without a visa for a short stay of 90 days within a period of 180 days if they have a biometric passport.

For up-to-date information on how to proceed in matters of residence law, Ukrainians are welcome to contact the Foreigners' Registration Office of the Heidekreis or the migration counseling centers in the Heidekreis.

Local Support by Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact your local council offices. You can access the contact details of the responsible contact person here.

Corona virus


Corona virus: Information is available here for you to read.

Prevent infections: you can access the ten hygiene tips here.



Integration strategy: Heidekreis

Societal diversity is a major focus of municipal politics.
Demographic developments continue to reinforce this trend.
The Heidekreis integration strategy includes a planned approach involving both politics and civic administration,
as well as the citizens themselves.



Arrive well in Germany.


“Arrived safe and sound. Guide for refugees” - Information on the web and in the QR code for the app

The app entitled “Ankommen” (“Arrive”) provides information about Germany. Which rules apply here, and what people need to look out for. Important contents regarding the topics of asylum processing, vocational training and work are also available. Users can select between five different languages. The app does not use adverts, is free of charge and can be used offline. Your free companion guide for your first few weeks in Germany.
In addition to the app, information can also be obtained by visiting


Information on matters concerning foreign nationals and asylum

Termin vereinbaren

Contact and support

We kindly ask that you refrain from making spontaneous visits, and that you instead book an individual appointment by calling +49 (0)5162 970-333.

Ausländer- und Asylangelegenheiten

General information

“General matters concerning foreign nationals and asylum” include, for example, granting and extending residency permits, and responding to questions concerning employment, migration, integration and family reunification.

New right of residence

The new right of residence offers people with a tolerated stay or temporary residence permit who have been in Germany for a long time the possibility of obtaining a long-term residence title.

Declarations of commitment for the issuance of a tourist visa

With a declaration of commitment, the host shall be liable for all expenses incurred by the public authorities which are attributable to the visitor.

Information about integration

Emma Jover Garcia

Coordination Centre for Migration and Participation - your point of contact

The aim is to sustainably establish cooperative structures and networks between the various agencies involved in local integration work, and to ensure the participation of all individuals – irrespective of their country of origin.

Landkreis Kommunal

Working groups and offers at local level

A number of offers relating to intercultural exchange, meeting places for people with and without a migration background as well as German language learning courses can be found on the following page.


Migration counselling centres in Heidekreis

The counselling centres can provide assistance in answering questions concerning asylum, social and immigration law for those living in Heidekreis who have a migrant background.

Gelernt ist gelernt

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications / university degrees

Have you acquired your professional qualification abroad, and wish to apply for work in the German labour market using your existing qualification? The recognition and qualification advisory service will be happy to support you.

Arriving at Heidekreis: Training and work

The Youth Careers Agency and the WelcomeCenter will support you with questions about professional orientation and the job market. The LINA project offers long-term work support for refugees.


Language mediators offering assistance with translations

Language mediators provide translation support for migrants, for example during visits to government offices or during medical consultations.

General information

General information on the topic of integration can be found on the following page. Please click on the following links to obtain more information.

Language and education for new arrivals

Susanne Hinrichs

Education coordination - your contact

Good education is the “key” to integration - with language as an essential requirement for education and participation.

Language support coordination

We support you in your search for the right language course

Learning German in German classes or integration courses

The German language is important, for example, when looking for work, when looking to support your children during their school education, or when having to complete applications – including your application for a residency permit.

Education at a glance

A sound education is the best prerequisite and affords the individual many opportunities throughout their life.


Your point of contact

Your point of contact for questions concerning naturalisation can be found here.

Naturalisation / citizenship

Do you live in Germany permanently, but have not been awarded German citizenship? You may be entitled to German citizenship under certain conditions.

A national ID card (Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis): Issuance

A national ID card (Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis) is an essential document for certain legal transactions or legal circumstances.