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REGISonline: the popular business partner exchange platform

We would very much like to include your business - without additional costs to you - in the business partner exchange platform
REGISonline is the unique internet platform for business data, business development and location marketing between Ems and Weser which is free of advertising and absolutely free of charge. It is the joint service from more than 20 states and cities in Lower Saxony and Bremen. The coordination and technical operation is delivered by the Oldenburger regio GmbH.

REGISonline is a popular and highly regarded business partner exchange platform that is utilised by businesses for the aquisition of neu suppliers, clients and cooperation partners. Around 7,100 businesses have already been included in the "REGIS-Business Database" and it would be great if your business and your location could be supported here too. This offer is natrually free of charge.